LaShawn M. VanHorne has no limits to the talents that Our Heavenly Father has bestowed upon her.  Her professional and stylish approach to Artistry, Photography, Professional Development, Crafts, Fashion and the list goes on... is amazing to behold!  Her zeal for the development of  VANHORNE STUDIOS, LLC services grew from her love of art and fashion.  And now she dazzles us with her unique styles in photographic images, couture greeting cards, fashion and design ideas that are easily accessible to all who dare to explore! 


LaShawn is a professionally self-trained artist and photographer based in Prince Georges, MD and serving the Washington, DC. Metro Area, specializing in luxury events, commercial and fashion imagery since 2010. Spiritual and Fashion inspiration, is the reason she's been blessed to capture diverse images and exploring life’s unique beauty which has been an enriching experience for her.


It comes naturally to her to connect with people... and her magnetic personality draws you almost instantaneously. Within minutes of meeting her, most feel like they've known her for years. In sharing a Story of Love,  Advertising Message, or an Artistic Expression.  LaShawn speaks through her craft of Photography, Unique Artistry and Creative Designs as a wonder in her own right.

She is a confident, ambitious, fun-loving, spiritual woman and entrepreneur with leadership and fashion styles that inspire those around her to pursue their dreams and goals with confidence and enthusiasm. She loves hanging out with family and friends!

LaShawn holds a Master's Degree in Corporate Finance and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Glendale University; a Minor in Accounting and several Highest Honor Certificates and Awards with Academic and Government Business Institutions.  She plans to pursue her passions in the Film Industry, Animation and Gaming Designing & Development, a 2nd Master's and Ph.D's in Women and Chrisitian Studies.  

LaShawn will be writing inspirational and motivational ebooks that will touch on topics we all encounter with a dramatic and entertaining point of view.


This free-spirited lady thrives on "Spiritual Guidance", "Freedom" and "Independence".

LaShawn grew up in S.E. Washington DC, graduated from Anacostia Sr. HS, moved to Maryland and climbed the corporate ladder to Management within D.C. Government Finance Offices within her 30+ yrs of experience adding to her repertoire.  She was headed to PA to study architectual designing after high school but decided to stay in town with her daughter who was just born a month earlier to pursue her finance career which was also a part of her studies at Chamberlin Vocational School during her H.S. years.  She did all of this as a young adult and single-parent while raising her now two young-adult children Tiffany and Christopher (and now a grandmother of 3 vivacious and entertaining Pre-teen and twins) who she adores.


She is no stranger to growing-up with family financial hardships and that has driven her to excel in this life with personal high standards and educational goals.  She is an avid believer that you could do anything your heart desires with prayer, spiritual guidance and determination.

For those who are close to her... knows of her infinite love of fine art, movies, fine-dining, graphic drawing, creating paper designs, and her Dallas Cowboys!

She's in her "zen" when shopping, viewing luxury homes, runway shows, admiring  photography journalism and reading entrepreneur and interior design magazines like no other... LOL!!!  Inspirational/self-help books,  fashion/interior design magazines and Youtube are her must-haves.  She says... "Youtube has to be one of the best teaching and entertaining tools ever!  They have videos for everything."

As many have found... you'll be delighted to meet her!


Thank you for taking a peek into the world of VANHORNE STUDIOS, LLC.  We look forward to telling your story soon.





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Our Story


VANHORNE STUDIOS, LLC  was formed with the inspiration to see people grow, flourish and express themselves from the inside to ignite hidden passions through Art and Fashion


Our Vision

Our Studios have lots of fun implementing personal designs, creativity and entertainment for all ages. So whether its your image, décor or art sensation, VANHORNE STUDIOS can create Chique and Swagger treasures for your enjoyment!